Slot Overview: Massive Gold Megaways

Here’s a puzzler: what do dinosaurs and the Day of the Dead have in common? We wouldn’t know for sure until Pragmatic Play’s Mammoth Gold Megaways was made available to us. If you want to keep your foot on the production gas, you may reskin previous games as Pragmatic Play did with Muertos Multiplier Megaways, which now has an Ice Age theme instead of a holiday one. Features, gameplay, and statistics have all remained mostly same, with the exception of some cosmetic tweaks to the game’s aesthetics and sounds.

Mammoth Gold Megaways takes place thousands of years in the past, when the world was much colder and other species inhabited the land. In contrast to the cozy setting of Muertos Multiplier Megaways, the default background of this game has snow, ice, craggy rocks, mountains, and icicles. Maybe that was the aim, to make people forget how similar everything else is. Another point of disagreement might arise from the incongruity between the natural environment and the jingle jangle music and sound effects that are more typical of a terrestrial context. While the jarring contrast wasn’t necessarily a deal breaker, it was definitely noticeable at times.

Everything appears to be the same in terms of statistics, so players can expect the same extremely volatile slot with three different RTP models, the highest of which awards 96.03%. That’s the case while playing in normal mode with wagers of 20 p/c to £/€100 per spin; the return value for purchasing free spins is lower at 96%. With a maximum of 117,649 win combinations, Mammoth Gold Megaways features a grid of 6 reels plus a 4-cell tracker reel at the very top. Since the six primary reels can land any combination of symbols on any one spin, the total number of chances to win can fluctuate. Every time you spin the reels and get a winning combination, the winning symbols disappear and are replaced by new symbols cascading down from above. In the event of a new win, the tumble feature will continue to cycle until no more victories arise.

When two or more identical pay symbols appear, starting on the leftmost reel and continuing across all the reels, a win is awarded. The common emblems are diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades, while the rare ones are a dodo, bear, warthog, wolf, saber-tooth tiger, and mammoth. If you get six of a type, you’ll win back anywhere from half to six times your wager (for suit cards) or between 75 and five times your wager (for animal tiles). The raging volcano is exclusive to the top row. In Mammoth Gold Megaways, wilds may replace any icon besides the game’s scatter.

Massive Gold Megaways Slot Machine Functions

Features in Mammoth Gold Megaways work together to increase your chances of winning. These features include wild multipliers, free spins with a gamble function, and a bonus purchase feature.

Insane Multiplier

Multipliers of 2x or 3x are applied to wins that include wild symbols. A meter keeps track of the multiplier and uses it whenever a player is victorious. The value of the meter increases as more wilds appear in the current tumble. When a tumble ends, the multiplier reverts to 1.

Bonus Turns

The scattered crystal pieces might occur on any of the reels. Free games are triggered when 3 or more scatters appear. If you get three, four, five, or six scatter symbols, you can win five, six, seven, or fourteen free spins before the bonus round ever begins. If the number is fewer than 14, players have the option to double their money by spinning a red and green segmented wheel. Free spins can be increased by 1 (up to a maximum of 14) and lost entirely if a wager is lost.

The total multiplier meter is not reset until the free spins round concludes, and wilds continue to raise it as they do in the main game. In addition, the meter rises by an additional point for every fall during the round. The meter’s multiplier is saved and used to future victories. Bonus symbols can retrigger free games by awarding 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 more spins, respectively. Finally, the bonus round may be purchased at 100 times the initial wager.

The Final Say on the Massive Gold Megaways Slot

It’s ironic that a game about a festival honoring death has more vitality than one featuring animals. Maybe it’s because the cloning process in general reeks of convenience over originality, or maybe the Day of the Dead celebration just evokes a warmer feeling than an ice wasteland like the one shown in Mammoth Gold Megaways, the latter of which is a ripoff of Muertos Multipliers Megaways. Whatever the case may be, repeating the same game was not nearly as entertaining as the first time around.

If the topic of extinct creatures strikes a chord with you, or if you haven’t seen Muertos Multipliers Megaways yet, that’s a different story. Newcomers to Mammoth Gold Megaways may benefit more from the experience than those who are familiar with the game. The fundamental game’s simplicity is once again a selling point, and the wild multiplier element adds some welcome depth. It would have been wonderful, though, if the studio had thrown in a new modulator or two to amp up the novelty factor a notch or two, given the theme is arguably less energetic than it was previously. The performance of Mammoth Gold Megaways isn’t terrible, and with the help of wild multiplier values and/or accumulating the win multiplier from tumbles in free spins, it is theoretically possible to win as much as 10,000x the wager.

So, a good Megaways game overall, but if forced to choose between this and the original Megaways, the Mammoth Gold version would lose out. While Mammoth Gold Megaways did provide a lot of fun, it lacked some of the zaniness of its predecessor.

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