How Love has been seized For the sake of Religion

On the off chance that you are like me, simply the notice of religion may be sufficient to place a bunch in your stomach. In the US, the vast majority of us are raised for certain essential suspicions about religion. We are persuaded to think: God is up there and we are down here

We are independent from God We are heathens and we merit discipline We want to give 10% of our cash to the congregation We want to “be great” or we could take a hike and consume forever We ought to trust our congregation chiefs and question nothing they say You might see yourself as a strict individual, however are there any of those explanations that you will generally accept, regardless of whether it’s an oblivious conviction?

As a kid, I went to a Catholic church with my family pretty much every Sunday. Then in my teen years, we began going to a simpleton Christian church. In the two spots I was prepared to fear God, that I was a delinquent and that I needed to do specific things to try not to consume in damnation forever.

I even went to a Christian school, where we supplicated frequently for our “unsaved” loved ones, since we dreaded they would get lost. I was alarmed. I lived in consistent trepidation. How is it that God could be great despite everything send individuals to damnation? How is it that I could live realizing that a portion of my loved ones could doubtlessly be going to damnation? What’s more, how is it that I could try and be certain that I couldn’t get lost?

 Afterward something astounding occurred

I was having a so tangled outlook on my strict convictions that I started to petition God for 2 hours consistently, and inside only a couple of days I was directed to some shocking data. I discovered that nearly all that I at any point accepted about God was off-base! I discovered that God isn’t some “elderly person overhead,” however that every last one of us has the presence of God inside us. I discovered that we are not miscreants, but rather honest and divine spirits. I discovered that damnation doesn’t exist, besides as a perspective. The main thing I had been shown through religion that was right was this: God is Love.

At the point when Jesus was asked what the best instruction was he said this is my edict to you Love each other

So why, then, would we say we are educated to fear God, when dread is really the direct inverse of affection? For what reason does religion will generally gap and separate individuals, as opposed to joining individuals out of a sense of affection?

Consider it. Could you at any point consider a valid justification why this may be? Indeed, we accept that there is a totally legitimate clarification for this. It wasn’t simply a mishap; it was purposely arranged along these lines. Perhaps there was some evil rationale… or on the other hand perhaps it was all essential for the heavenly arrangement.

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